...because music matters.

Can kids write songs?   Yes they can!

“Soaring High" by Harmonic Conversion is an album for adults and children, written and sung by the kids of Monte Vista Street Elementary School in Los Angeles.  

We created and taught a songwriting workshop that teaches children to explore music, collaborate to write lyrics, record their own songs, and perform in front of an audience.  Our project helps build the self-esteem of students, improves their language skills, boosts their math scores, and increases their understanding of music.  The power and scope of Harmonic Conversion is the promise for every voice to sing their own song--and with each voice comes a story of success.

Help support arts education!  Purchase our CD at www.cdbaby.com/harmonicconversion or download it at iTunes. 

                              "Everyone should have a chance to live in harmony.                                                                              If you just believe in dreams, they'll be reality.                                                                                                - "Dreams" by the fifth graders of rooms 13, 14, and 34